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FREE baby samples + 20 Baby-Dollars

+ Chance to win our 200$ Baby basket!

You want freebies and free stuff? You'll be more then happy to learn that we provide moms-to-be and new moms with a lot more than just free stuff! That's in fact what we've been doing since 2009, for the benefit of over 205 000 parent-to-be and new parent members. Baby free stuff can come from many sources like: Baby free samples from baby product providers, but also from our unique monthly draw and the Baby-Dollars we give away so our members can shop in our very unique and exclusive online catalogue containing not only relevant tools, but also funny and useful gifts.

We deeply believe that each and every future or new mom should subscribe ASAP and join the fun as numerous testimonials and winners have confirmed that it's a must and it's real! Welcome aboard!

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The terms "free stuff Canada" and "


for babies" motivate many people, and it is likely that you want to get as many of them as possible, in addition to maybe winning our fantastic baby kit, affectionately called "Welcome to your family", which will be delivered at your door, if you win our monthly draw. Its value exceeds $200 and it contains many baby things that can be equally useful and funny And no need to go to Baby Depot or some other store for it! Sounds good, doesn't it? Would you like, on top of it, to receive Baby-Dollars that you can then redeem against innovative and exclusive gifts and tools from our Baby Loving Care collections? Just fill out our simple and clear form now.

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Do you first want to have a look at our store of exclusive collections of gifts for new parents and parents-to-be? Or maybe you want to be able to redeem gifts, in addition to the free stuff you will receive from baby product providers in Canada? Click here

Do you want to find out more details before subscribing? It is perfectly normal. Click on each of the questions for which you would like an answer, in the tabs below. We have detailed all the information for you.

The reality of free stuff for babies

Some parents and parents-to-be are disappointed and even angry, and express it on many forums. They write: "I never received the freebies I was supposed to get." Or: "I am now constantly solicited by publicity".

That is what encouraged the Baby Loving Care Network to do more and to be different. These comments are credible, as the major baby product manufacturers, like Enfalac, Similac, Huggies, Nestlé, Heinz, Pampers, etc. are responsible for sending baby samples. They probably do, but who is to blame when nothing is received? Our long-term presence has shown us that many companies, which start up in the blink of an eye on the internet, lie bluntly to new parents and parents-to-be, by using their contact details, but without sending any free stuff, especially in Canada.

Therefore, beware of vague statements, websites without any testimonials from satisfied members, or without the names and pictures of winners, if they do draws. Also beware of the websites on which the privacy policy is very short, vague, or even absent.

You may be skeptical about receiving free stuff in Canada. It may reassure you to know that our systems have always allowed us to deliver what we were responsible for: We always deliver your information directly and electronically to the websites of major baby product manufacturers.

How are the offers from the Baby Loving Care network
better than the other offers?

Since 2009, we have continuously and constantly improved our offer, our exclusive rewards, in order to be as independent as possible from the companies that offer free stuff for babies. We have therefore created from scratch our own collections of exclusive gifts and free books, and also of very relevant and useful tools for parents and parents-to-be.

Are you going to send us free stuff,
+ your Baby-Dollars + the draw of the baby kit?

This is the principle of our offer! We will continue to send electronically and automatically your request for free baby stuff to the product providers we have carefully chosen. However, the result will only depend on them, but we will have transmitted your request for sure, and we have received many testimonials from members who confirm that they got the requested free stuff in Canada at their door.

What will I get, in addition to the free
baby samples?

First, you can win our beautiful kit "Welcome to your family" during our monthly draw, which will be delivered, all expenses paid, to your door. It is worth over $200. Do you want proof? Of course, it is rare to hear from winners with all the contests that exist, but have a look at our testimonials, and at the list of our previous winners on our homepage ;)

That's not all, we innovate once more with our "Baby-Dollars" program which will give you access for free to several gifts and UNIQUE tools, which we created for your baby and yourself. This program gives you the chance to quickly, and simply earn Baby-Dollars, which you can then redeem against our exclusive gifts, from our own collections. Our catalog of exclusive gifts and tools for parents and parents-to-be can be browsed by clicking here

How can I join your network easily?

Click here... You will immediately receive 20 Baby-Dollars that you will be able to redeem right away, if you wish to, in our "Catalog of exclusive gifts and tools for parents and parents-to-be" as soon as your registration is complete.

Can I get more Baby-Dollars to buy
more gifts?

We continue to innovate, and the answer is: Of course you can!

Encourage an acquaintance of yours, parent-to-be or new parent, to sign up, like you, to the Baby Loving Care network, in order to enjoy the same free and important benefits as you, and YOU will automatically receive 30 additional Baby-Dollars as soon as they register. It is our way to say: Thank you, for allowing a new member to benefit from our unique offer in addition to the baby samples. This will allow you to get other EXCLUSIVE and INNOVATIVE gifts from our collections, FOR FREE! And no need to get out of the house to go to Baby Depot, or another store: you can do everything from the comfort of your own home.

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